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Container Trading

We constantly hold stocks of all standard types of containers. This means we can…

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Logistics management is an important component of many companies' profitability,…

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Many of our customers are interested in using our Trading Company to place their…

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Shipping Agency

PSSUAE is a licensed shipping agency fully ready and capable of handling containers…

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PVS Shipping Line

PVS Shipping Line was formed to service the customers who prefer to work with the…

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Prime Star Shipping, operating under the name of , PARS Line has a registered stack…

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We have our own fleet of containers to meet the demands of our customers more efficiently…

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Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage…

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Warehousing - a core part of any logistics - is provided by Prime Star Shipping in…

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Project Forwarding

Prime Star Shipping has gained vast expertise in providing logistics services for…

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Air Transport

Prime Star Shipping provides a worldwide network for all of your air freight needs,…

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Sea Transport

Whether full container loads (FCL) or less than full container loads (LCL), We organize…

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Road Transport

We have both LTL (Groupage) and FTL (Full Truck Loads) service , Less than truckload…

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