We create and merge synergies based on logistics and distribution business know-how and our current global network of suppliers.

Many of our customers are interested in using our Trading Company to place their orders internationally to benefit from our Business know-how and contacts worldwide.

Experts in Purchasing

With proven track record and decades of personnel experience in providing trading services, this has always been a core strength of our group of companies.

Switching Documents

Many times the EPC contractors are not interested in disclosing the actual shipper of the product to their clients, hence they utilize our services to change the shipper.

Special Services

  • International Purchase of Goods

    We often purchase goods internationally on behalf of our clients

  • International Selling of Goods

    We often sell goods internationally on behalf of our clients.

  • Customs Clearance

    Based on our client’s requirement, we are able to custom clear the goods both at origins and destinations on their behalf.