PSSUAE is a licensed shipping agency fully ready and capable of handling containers in UAE, Germany, Netherlands, Iran and Belgium.


We render all kinds of services related to shipping agency, including but not limited to ship’s documentation for port and customs authorities, Terminal/Depot Operation, Inventory Control, Container Inspection and Repairs, etc.

Experienced personnel, powerful software and hardware, and a management team with several decades of total accumulated know-how, have turned Prime Star Shipping into a reliable shipping agency/partner.

We have our own STACK in JEBEL ALI

Our partners can utilize our stack for their shipping operations.

Inventory Inspection and Reporting

We carefully inspect your equipment and arrange for repair if needed.

Special Services

  • Container Depots.

    PSSUAE has contracts all over the world allowing us to utilize depots/repair facilities almost everywhere in the world.

  • Container Washing and Repair.

    Services such as Container Washing and Repair are provided to our clients on default basis.

  • Detention/Demmurage  Recovery

    We represent the interest of our principals in recovering their Detention/Demmurage of their containers on their behalf.